Meet the 2022 Top Workplaces for Greater Louisville winners

Meet the 2022 Top Workplaces for Greater Louisville winners

Source: Louisville Courier Journal
By: Kathryn Gregory

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Here are all the Top Workplaces for the Greater Louisville area for 2022, ranked in the following size order: Large workplaces, 300 or more employees; midsize, 299 to 150; and small 149 or fewer. We recognize all of these employers as “winners.”

Large Workplaces

    1. Waystar: Founded: 1999; Ownership: Private; Sector: Information Technology; Regional employees: 548
    2. First Urology: Founded: 1979; Ownership: Private; Sector: Physicians practice; Regional employees: 321
    3. Beam Suntory: Founded: 1934; Ownership: Parent company; Sector: Spirits industry; Regional employees: 577
    4. Nazareth Home: Founded: 1976; Ownership: Non-profit; Sector: Long-term care; Regional employees: 375

Midsize Workplaces

    1. Total Quality Logistics, TQL: Founded: 1997; Ownership: Private; Sector: Third-party logistics; Regional employees: 211
    2. HealthyEquity, Inc.: Founded: 2002; Ownership: Public; Sector: Health account administrator; Regional employees: 220
    3. Five Star Technologies: Founded: 2006; Ownership: Public; Sector: Education-Technology; Regional employees: 160
    4. Verisys Corporation: Founded: 1996; Ownership: Private; Sector: Data Analysis & Research; Regional employees: 254
    5. Dedicated Senior Medical Center: Founded: 1994; Ownership: Private; Sector: Primary care medical center for seniors; Regional employees: 169
    6. GlowTouch, LLC: Founded: 2002; Ownership: Private; Sector: Business Process Outsourcing; Regional employees: 198

Small Workplaces

    1. Kyana Packaging Solutions: Founded: 1976; Ownership: Private; Sector: Wholesale distribution; Regional employees: 70
    2. eBlu Solutions: Founded: 2012; Ownership: Partnership; Sector: Healthcare; Regional employees: 95
    3. Miranda Construction: Founded: 2016; Ownership: Private; Sector: Building construction; Regional employees: 64
    4. Stockton Mortgage: Founded: 2001; Ownership: Private; Sector: Independent Mortgage Bank; Regional employees: 50
    5. Strategic Marketing Services: Founded: 1995; Ownership: Private; Sector: Direct Marketing for Automotive Dealerships; Regional employees: 53
    6. PMR Companies: Founded: 2002; Ownership: Private; Sector: Property Management; Regional employees: 97
    7. Midea America Corp: Founded: 1968; Ownership: Public; Sector: Consumer Goods; Regional employees: 61
    8. Panda Restaurant Group: Founded: 1973; Ownership: Private; Sector: Restaurant; Regional employees: 92
    9. Statewide Mortgage: Founded: 2001: Ownership: Private; Sector; Mortgage Company; Regional employees: 66
    10. Elite Homes | Arbor Homes: Founded: 1994; Ownership: Private; Sector: New Home Builder; Regional employees: 92
    11. Jefferson Country Property Valuation Administrator: Founded: 1918; Ownership: Government; Sector: Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator; Regional employees: 58
    12. The Eye Care Institue: Founded: 1984; Ownership: Private; Sector: Ophthalmology Practice; Regional employees: 50
    13. Shepherd Insurance: Founded: 1977; Ownership: Private; Sector: Business and personal insurance; Regional employees: 75
    14. United Rentals, Inc.: Founded: 1997; Ownership: Public; Sector: Rental and leasing; Regional employees: 50
    15. TaylorMade Golf Company: Founded: 1979; Ownership: Parent company; Sector: Consumer goods; Regional employees: 86
    16. EverQuote, Inc.: Founded: 2011; Ownership: Public; Sector: Advertising and marketing; Regional employees: 63
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