What is deprescribing and what are the benefits?

What is deprescribing and what are the benefits?

At Nazareth Home, we offer a holistic approach to care, including incorporating healthy diets, appropriate exercise, and therapy to enhance overall well-being. Another piece of this approach is also regularly looking at residents’ medications to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy. 

Polypharmacy, defined as the regular use of at least five medications, can pose serious risks to some patients. Deprescribing aims to combat these risks by reducing or eliminating unnecessary medications for the patient. 

According to a 2019 study published in American Family Physician by Anne D. Halli-Tierney, M.D., Catherine Scarbrough, M.D., M.Sc, and Dana Carroll, PharmD, polypharmacy is most-recognized in older adults because patients with more than one chronic condition often have more extensive medication lists. Because older adults are so often prone to polypharmacy, the effects are commonly seen at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. According to the study, up to 91 percent of patients in long-term care take at least five medications daily. 

Medical professionals at Nazareth Home take the time to examine cases of polypharmacy among elders and communicate with them and their families about deprescribing options. 

“Providing the best care for each elder means that we need to regularly review their medications,” Nazareth Home Medical Director Bonnie Lazor, M.D., said. “Maybe the answer doesn’t lie in medication, but a change to the elder’s dietary regimen may help alleviate their symptoms. These are things we look at.”

These efforts can prove to be very important due to the risk factors associated with polypharmacy. According to the American Family Physician study, negative consequences of polypharmacy can include decreased quality of life, increased mobility issues, increased mortality, financial stress, falls and more. Depending on the patient, deprescribing can help alleviate these issues and sometimes lead to clearer cognition for patients.

According to the American Family Physician study, considerations for deprescribing may include:

      • The patient’s medical history
      • Their full medication list
      • Appropriate dosing
      • Their prescribed drug’s interaction with other drugs, foods and illnesses
      • Their goals/the goals of their caregiver
      • Consumer options for lowering drug costs and more. 

“The goal is to understand which medicines give them quality of life,” Dr. Lazor said. “Those that aren’t really helping the elder should be considered for deprescribing. At the end of the day, we have to look at balance and side effects as well.”

At Nazareth Home, deprescribing efforts are being supported by the medical team’s consultant pharmacist, who assists in identifying potential medications to wean or eliminate. When it comes to approaching deprescribing at Nazareth Home, Dr. Lazor said thorough communication with the families of elders is of utmost importance. 

“We involve the family in the decision,” Dr. Lazor said. “We want to help them understand polypharmacy and the potential benefits of deprescribing.”

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ANNOUNCING: The 2022 Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville

ANNOUNCING: The 2022 Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville

Source: Louisville Business First

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Employees want to work for a company or organization that cares for their well-being, has perks and good benefits and where they feel engaged.

We found 50 companies in Greater Louisville that go to great lengths to make sure their employees achieve work-life balance and feel like their company is worthy to be a part of Louisville Business First’s Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville awards.

Below you’ll find our Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville honorees. We made the request earlier this year for nominations for the Best Places program, which highlights companies whose operations are changing the business landscape for the better.

Our Best Places to Work program is administered by Omaha, Nebraska-based Quantum Workplace, which surveys employees about workplace policies, office conditions, management styles and more.

Companies and nonprofits with an office in the Louisville area with at least 10 full-time or part-time, permanent employees (not including owners or partners) were able to participate. Also, there is a minimum level of employee participation to be considered a Best Places to Work honoree. These honorees were selected because of their employees’ feedback and not through outside judges like we use for some of our other programs.

The companies fall into three categories: Those with 10-24 employees; those with 25-150 employees; and those with 151 or more employees. They represent all industries.

For 2022, 50 companies scored high enough to be included in our group of Best Places to Work honorees. More about these honorees and the numerical rankings for each category below will be revealed in a special section in the Aug. 5, 2022, edition of Business First and online.

Congratulations to this year’s Best Places to Work honorees.


    • Advantum Health
    • BrightStar Care
    • DAC
    • Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana
    • Gresham Smith
    • HWC Engineering Inc.
    • Ingenium Talent
    • Oasis Solutions
    • The Phia Group LLC
    • Prudential Advisors
    • RE/MAX Premier Properties
    • Robert Half
    • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana
    • Security Pros LLC
    • Software Management LLC
    • Somnio Capital Solutions
    • USA Cares
    • Vaco
    • Vimarc
    • Virtual Telecomm


    • Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising + Public Relations
    • Buffalo Construction Inc.
    • Climate Conditioning Co.
    • CRG Automation
    • DPL Financial Partners
    • Eclipse Bank Inc.
    • Flavorman
    • Green District
    • Hyland Insurance/AHA Insurance Network
    • Independence Bank
    • Kentucky Hospital Association
    • LDG Development
    • Mindel Scott
    • Miranda Construction
    • One Source Logistics
    • The Parking Authority of River City
    • Semonin Realtors
    • Sterling Thompson Co.
    • T-mobile
    • V-Soft Consulting


    • Aperture Health
    • Derby City Gaming
    • DMLO CPAs
    • First Savings Bank
    • First Urology PSC
    • Nazareth Home
    • Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare
    • RK ADC LLC dba Gathering Club
    • Total Quality Logistics
    • Waystar
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Nazareth Home elders celebrate 69th wedding anniversary

Nazareth Home elders celebrate 69th wedding anniversary

Within the walls of both Nazareth Home campuses, there are hundreds of stories to be told among elders. For Marjorie and Robert (Bob) Oelker, elders at Nazareth Home’s Highlands Campus, their story is one of enduring love. 

On April 11, Marjorie and Bob celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. Marjorie first moved to Nazareth Home in February of 2021, and though Bob was limited in his visit times due to COVID-19 restrictions, he would constantly be on the phone with her. 

After staying twice for rehabilitation since Marjorie moved, Bob came to live at Nazareth Home in January. When they’re not spending time together during meals in the dining room, exercising or participating in afternoon activities, the married couple stays in touch on the phone together from their rooms. 

Both Marjorie and Bob grew up on farms and look back fondly on their rural upbringings. While they were engaged, Bob served in the Army and was stationed in Munich, Germany for two years. Then the couple married and settled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. While Bob supported the family by working as a carpenter, Marjorie stayed home to raise their three children. They now have seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. 

Throughout the years, faith has played a big role in the lives of Bob and Marjorie. They are both still members of St. John’s Lutheran Church and at Nazareth Home, Marjorie regularly participates in most religious events. She was a vocal participant in this year’s Maundy Thursday Bible Study event in April and a regular participant in Wednesday ecumenical prayer services. She reminds us all that the meaning of the word “Catholic” is universal and has embraced her love of God through our catholic community, regularly enjoying rosary prayer. 

So far, Bob’s favorite activities at Nazareth Home are the musical events. A guitarist himself, Bob enjoys making requests during performances and interacting with musicians after performances. Both Bob and Marjorie participate in most activities at Nazareth Home and enjoy active lives together. 

Maintaining a marriage for nearly seven decades is quite a feat, and according to Marjorie, there are a few factors that lead to a successful partnership. 

“First, you have to find the right person; then it still takes tolerance, patience and a lot of faith,” she said. 

Bob also had some pertinent advice for newlyweds. 

“Remember, when you have a fuss, the making up comes next and it’s the best,” he said.

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St. Agnes students take part in ‘Green Apple Day of Service’

St. Agnes students take part in ‘Green Apple Day of Service’

Source: The Record

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To commemorate Earth Day, students at St. Agnes School, 1800 Newburg Road, held its second “Green Apple Day of Service for Earth Day” April 22.

During the day, students took part in environmental education games, heard from community helpers and learned about the importance of mindfulness while being in nature. They also heard presentations from master gardeners who discussed the importance of composting and recycling. Students also decorated flower pots that were delivered to elderly residents at Nazareth Home on Newburg Road.

A Green Apple Day of Service is a “unique moment to join schools across the world to celebrate the central role that schools play in preparing the next generation of leaders in sustainability,” according to a press release from the school.


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Nazareth Home launches Dietary Education program

Nazareth Home launches Dietary Education program

Nazareth Home has announced a new Dietary Education program that will give participants the opportunity to earn more and receive career-advancing certifications. The program is the latest addition to Nazareth Home Forward, designed to provide advancement opportunities for employees. 

Through the program, Nazareth Home’s dietary team members can learn new skills and receive hands-on training. In addition, this program allows participants to earn while they learn.

Eligibility in the program is limited to internal and external hires and full or part-time Nazareth Home employees. 

Certifications in the Dietary Education program include a Food Safety Certification and Leadership Certification, both of which are in tier two of the program, along with a Food Manager Certification, which is in tier three. The completion of each certification results in a 25 cent pay raise. 

The program supports Nazareth Home’s dietary team, which plays an essential role in the elders’ care by providing delicious, well-balanced meals tailored to their specific needs and improving their quality of life. Dietary team members at Nazareth Home subscribe to the philosophy of person-centered care — ensuring that residents are at the center of all decision-making, from food selection to meal times to dining location. 

Nazareth Home Forward launched last fall and also features a Beginner CNA Apprentice program, a CNA Apprentice program, and a CMT, LPN, RN Apprentice program. For more information on Nazareth Home Forward, click here

Those interested in learning more about this opportunity can send an email to nazforward@nazhome.org

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Therapy, therapy, every single day

Therapy, therapy, every single day

Daily, we are blessed by those who enter the doors of Nazareth Home. And that was no exception when 90-year-old Patsy Ann Hall chose our Rehabilitation to Home program recently for her short-term therapy.

Patsy has a knack for poetry, and she loves to make people smile, which she says is her gift to others, and we couldn’t agree more. She did just that while she was here for a brief stay – making our team at the Clifton Campus smile with her kind heart and beautifully written poems.

Breaking News from Therapy…

Therapy, therapy, every single day
If you want to get well, it’s the only way
Ride the bike, but take it slow
A little at a time is the way to go
Get the rollator and walk the hall
Pump your legs and squeeze the ball
Stretch the band, it’s hard to do
Fifteen reps, then times two
Here they come, through the door
Out of the chair and hit the floor
First on the agenda is walk, walk, walk
What I’d like to do is talk, talk, talk
But, they’re not here to be my friend
Making me strong is the ultimate end
Into the room with all the toys
Are some for girls and some for boys?!
A new therapist is now on board
“You’re doing great, can’t believe your age!”
I guess when you’re ninety, you belong in a cage
“Not for me”, I quickly replied
Age is a number that can be declined
Help me be strong, that’s all I ask
I know you’ve been given every hard task
I want to go home and be with my love
My constant prayer to heavens above
So, God bless and thanks, I’ll be home soon
Someone, much younger, now needs my room?!
Bye Bye…Patsy Ann

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People in the news, March 15: Nazareth Home announces Sarah Askin as CFO

People in the news, March 15: Nazareth Home announces Sarah Askin as CFO

Source: McKnight’s Senior Living, People in the news

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Sarah Askin

Sarah Askin has joined Nazareth Home as chief financial officer. 

In her new position, Askin will help to forecast the overall financial vision of the company. Before joining Nazareth Home, Askin worked at Welenken CPAs.

She has an undergraduate degree in business from Indiana University Southeast.

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Louisville-based Nazareth Home adds to its C-suite

Louisville-based Nazareth Home adds to its C-suite

Source: Louisville Business First

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Nazareth Home, a long-term care and rehabilitation organization, has announced that Sarah Askin has been hired as its new chief financial officer.

Nazareth Home, a Louisville-based long-term care and rehabilitation organization, has announced that Sarah Askin has been hired as its new chief financial officer.

Askin will play an integral role in planning and forecasting the overall financial vision of the organization, a Nazareth Home news release stated.

“I’m honored to join such a reputable organization in the Louisville community,” Askin said in the release. “Nazareth Home’s mission of providing compassionate care for seniors aligns with my core values, and I look forward to contributing to the long-term growth and success of the organization.”

With more than 20 years working in public accounting, Askin brings significant experience from previous roles where she provided assurance and tax services to both small businesses and nonprofit organizations, according to the release. Askin was previously at Welenken CPAs for 24 years, according to her LinkedIn profile.

“We’re very excited to welcome Sarah to the Nazareth Home family,” Nazareth Home President/CEO Mary Haynes said in the release. “Sarah’s expertise will enable her to make an immediate impact as we continue to position Nazareth Home for a successful future in the ever-changing landscape of senior care. She is an excellent addition to our leadership team.”

Askin holds a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in accounting from Indiana University Southeast. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Kentucky Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Nazareth Home is one of the area’s largest aging care employers, ranking No. 9 in Louisville Business First’s latest research with 360 local employees in 2021, and operates two of the largest long-term care facilities in the area.

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