Pastoral Care

Providing care that focuses on each individual’s spiritual needs

Having a pastoral care presence on each of our campuses is one way we focus on creating a healthy and positive experience for patients and elders in hopes they can continue to explore their spirituality and faith while with us. There is something at Nazareth Home for everyone who wishes to include faith or spirituality as part of their life’s journey.

Although Nazareth Home is Catholic-affiliated, aging adults of all faiths are welcome to receive care here. Our pastoral care team works closely with each elder to help establish faith-based engagement opportunities, if they wish. These opportunities, which may include a private prayer group, Mass, or an ecumenical service, cater to the individual wishes and interests of each elder so that the experience is personal and meaningful. In many cases, the pastoral care team simply offers the gift of time, an open ear, and a caring presence.

For Catholics, we do offer Mass on a regular schedule – six days per week. For the elders who may not be able to attend in person, Mass is aired on closed-circuit television, available in every room throughout our campuses. Communion is also available to be received at Mass or in an elder’s room.