True Doors brings familiarity, comfort to elders in our memory care neighborhood

True Doors brings familiarity, comfort to elders in our memory care neighborhood

A humble door can evoke a sense of tranquility. When you cross the threshold of your front door, a comforting embrace can envelop you, instilling a profound sense of security. In this treasured space that is yours, you are free to be yourself, shielded from the noise and business of the outside world.

This safety and familiarity hold a special significance for individuals with memory impairments. In the midst of disorientation, the sight of something familiar, such as their front door, becomes a lifeline, anchoring the person to a sense of belonging. 

This is precisely the experience True Doors brings to the elders who reside on Charity Court, the close-knit, all-female Memory Care neighborhood at Nazareth Home’s Highlands Campus. Adorned with meticulously crafted and colorful decals that resemble doors, True Doors brings consistency and familiarity into the surroundings of the women, elevating their sense of identity and fostering a feeling of home. Moreover, these doors serve a practical purpose many times throughout the day by guiding them back to their rooms, helping to prevent confusion.

Home, a concept that holds different meanings for every person, shapes our place in this vast world. And it all begins at the front door. With True Doors, the women of Charity Court walk confidently into their haven of comfort and peace, their spirits uplifted and their hearts at ease.

If you are considering a Memory Care program, such as our Charity Court, for your loved one, we invite you to reach out to us to ask questions or schedule a tour.

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