Donor Alan Bernstein shares how Nazareth Home saved his life

Donor Alan Bernstein shares how Nazareth Home saved his life

Alan Bernstein, a former military policeman in the Army and someone considered reasonably physically fit, started a downward health spiral in January 2021 after contracting COVID-19. That would begin a very difficult period in his life where he developed pneumonia, spent five long months on a ventilator, and was unconscious for a period of time. Alan recalls feeling “like being twisted into a pretzel” after he lost 51 lbs. and “being in terrible pain.” That’s when he wanted to throw in the towel. He’d received care in multiple healthcare facilities, had lost much of his hope, and began saying goodbye to loved ones. But, Dr. Jignesh Desai told Harriette Friedlander, Alan’s wife, that he could control the pain and keep Alan going.

With Dr. Desai’s news, Harriette wasn’t ready to stop fighting. Over time, Alan began to see some health improvements and found himself in inpatient rehab at another facility. After two weeks, the facility said that was as far as they could take him; they could do no more.

Harriette knew in her heart he wasn’t ready to come home and thought of Nazareth Home based on great things she’d heard from friends in the community. 

“Nazareth Home was just where I wanted him to be,” she said. So, in June 2021, Alan came to the Recovery to Home program at Nazareth Home’s Highlands Campus for several months of inpatient therapy.

“There’s no reason I should be alive today,” said Alan. “To take care of sick old people and still have a good sense of humor, the staff were angels. The rehab team was just incredible. And I loved being able to decide what I wanted to eat, sit where I wanted at lunch, and have meal partners that I could laugh with. We were all having challenges and it was great to be able to bond and laugh with others.”

While receiving therapy at Nazareth Home, Alan developed a special bond with the therapy program director, Matt Tuley. Alan smiled when sharing, “Matt and I developed a relationship beyond a patient and therapist. He was like a little brother to me.”

Alan was able to joyously return home in September 2021 and received home health care, respite care, and even equine therapy from Allison Wheaton at Summit Equestrian Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, through the VA. Alan hadn’t been on a horse in more than 20 years. No one could have imagined that he would go from the dire, bedridden state he was in to now riding a horse, doing Pilates, and cruising around the world. Friends see him and remark about his miracle of progress.

Alan credits Nazareth Home with saving his life and is now a donor to the Nazareth Homes Foundation, helping to support the patients, programs, and team members in our ministry. 

“Very simply, Nazareth Home kept me alive. After all you did for me, how could I not offer something back? Nazareth Home went above and beyond for me,” he said.

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Therapy, therapy, every single day

Therapy, therapy, every single day

Daily, we are blessed by those who enter the doors of Nazareth Home. And that was no exception when 90-year-old Patsy Ann Hall chose our Rehabilitation to Home program recently for her short-term therapy.

Patsy has a knack for poetry, and she loves to make people smile, which she says is her gift to others, and we couldn’t agree more. She did just that while she was here for a brief stay – making our team at the Clifton Campus smile with her kind heart and beautifully written poems.

Breaking News from Therapy…

Therapy, therapy, every single day
If you want to get well, it’s the only way
Ride the bike, but take it slow
A little at a time is the way to go
Get the rollator and walk the hall
Pump your legs and squeeze the ball
Stretch the band, it’s hard to do
Fifteen reps, then times two
Here they come, through the door
Out of the chair and hit the floor
First on the agenda is walk, walk, walk
What I’d like to do is talk, talk, talk
But, they’re not here to be my friend
Making me strong is the ultimate end
Into the room with all the toys
Are some for girls and some for boys?!
A new therapist is now on board
“You’re doing great, can’t believe your age!”
I guess when you’re ninety, you belong in a cage
“Not for me”, I quickly replied
Age is a number that can be declined
Help me be strong, that’s all I ask
I know you’ve been given every hard task
I want to go home and be with my love
My constant prayer to heavens above
So, God bless and thanks, I’ll be home soon
Someone, much younger, now needs my room?!
Bye Bye…Patsy Ann

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A skilled nursing center can help you rehabilitate

A skilled nursing center can help you rehabilitate

Have you ever been injured or undergone a serious operation? Imagine having every daily need taken care of so that you could focus on recovery.

Many older adults need rehabilitation services after a hospital stay. Whether recovering from an illness, injury, stroke, or surgery, rehab can help a person regain strength and mobility, along with improving physical and cognitive function.

Rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility provides round-the-clock nursing care and physical, occupational or speech therapy. With nursing care and therapy combined, these services help patients recover as much of their physical and functional abilities as possible. At Nazareth Home’s Rehabilitation to Home program, we are focused on getting patients back on their feet and, most importantly, back to their homes.

Coming to Nazareth Home for rehab helps minimize care costs and prevent hospital readmissions. Our goal is to create a safe environment where patients thrive. With our person-centered care approach, patients focus on their health and recovery without worrying about medicines, cooking, cleaning, and the daily tasks that come with being at home. An uncomplicated healing process is imperative for resuming normal day-to-day activities. 

Whether you are scheduling an operation, or recovering from a stroke, heart attack, surgery or other medical issues, it’s important to have help transitioning from hospital to regular life. The demands are physical, mental and emotional, and quality care and supportive professionals who understand the challenges of regaining independence will make all the difference.

The therapists, nurses and care staff at Nazareth Home provide compassionate real-life therapies that prepare patients for living at home again. In addition, our rehabilitation team knows how to help regain the strength and mobility needed to get patients back to living their best life.

We guide you through every step necessary for a successful transition home and begin discharge planning on the first day of a patient’s stay. At Nazareth Home, we provide everything needed to regain functionality and independence. For more information on our Rehabilitation to Home program, contact us at

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