Therapy, therapy, every single day

Daily, we are blessed by those who enter the doors of Nazareth Home. And that was no exception when 90-year-old Patsy Ann Hall chose our Rehabilitation to Home program recently for her short-term therapy.

Patsy has a knack for poetry, and she loves to make people smile, which she says is her gift to others, and we couldn’t agree more. She did just that while she was here for a brief stay – making our team at the Clifton Campus smile with her kind heart and beautifully written poems.

Breaking News from Therapy…

Therapy, therapy, every single day
If you want to get well, it’s the only way
Ride the bike, but take it slow
A little at a time is the way to go
Get the rollator and walk the hall
Pump your legs and squeeze the ball
Stretch the band, it’s hard to do
Fifteen reps, then times two
Here they come, through the door
Out of the chair and hit the floor
First on the agenda is walk, walk, walk
What I’d like to do is talk, talk, talk
But, they’re not here to be my friend
Making me strong is the ultimate end
Into the room with all the toys
Are some for girls and some for boys?!
A new therapist is now on board
“You’re doing great, can’t believe your age!”
I guess when you’re ninety, you belong in a cage
“Not for me”, I quickly replied
Age is a number that can be declined
Help me be strong, that’s all I ask
I know you’ve been given every hard task
I want to go home and be with my love
My constant prayer to heavens above
So, God bless and thanks, I’ll be home soon
Someone, much younger, now needs my room?!
Bye Bye…Patsy Ann

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