A skilled nursing center can help you rehabilitate

Have you ever been injured or undergone a serious operation? Imagine having every daily need taken care of so that you could focus on recovery.

Many older adults need rehabilitation services after a hospital stay. Whether recovering from an illness, injury, stroke, or surgery, rehab can help a person regain strength and mobility, along with improving physical and cognitive function.

Rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility provides round-the-clock nursing care and physical, occupational or speech therapy. With nursing care and therapy combined, these services help patients recover as much of their physical and functional abilities as possible. At Nazareth Home’s Rehabilitation to Home program, we are focused on getting patients back on their feet and, most importantly, back to their homes.

Coming to Nazareth Home for rehab helps minimize care costs and prevent hospital readmissions. Our goal is to create a safe environment where patients thrive. With our person-centered care approach, patients focus on their health and recovery without worrying about medicines, cooking, cleaning, and the daily tasks that come with being at home. An uncomplicated healing process is imperative for resuming normal day-to-day activities. 

Whether you are scheduling an operation, or recovering from a stroke, heart attack, surgery or other medical issues, it’s important to have help transitioning from hospital to regular life. The demands are physical, mental and emotional, and quality care and supportive professionals who understand the challenges of regaining independence will make all the difference.

The therapists, nurses and care staff at Nazareth Home provide compassionate real-life therapies that prepare patients for living at home again. In addition, our rehabilitation team knows how to help regain the strength and mobility needed to get patients back to living their best life.

We guide you through every step necessary for a successful transition home and begin discharge planning on the first day of a patient’s stay. At Nazareth Home, we provide everything needed to regain functionality and independence. For more information on our Rehabilitation to Home program, contact us at  nazhome.org/contact-us.

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