A Reflection of 2022

A Reflection of 2022

As the year ended, it was natural to think about what was experienced in 2022. We began that year with hopes that COVID concerns would move away from us, and we could look forward to a new normal. COVID is still present, however. Maybe it’s a bit different, and we do feel more secure being vaccinated, but the precautions and requirements continue to be impactful.

Despite the burden of the COVID routines, we reflect on many successes! We love our ministries, the people who work in them, and the families and individuals who are here. The relationships and success stories turn our flywheel and make us stronger. Last year, we were very proud to enter two top workplace ,competitions, one sponsored by Louisville Business First and one by the Courier-Journal. In each, we were recognized locally among a variety of quality organizations as being great places to work. Considering the challenges of our workplace and challenges for the workforce during the pandemic, these positive survey results were such welcome news to us and validated the attention we devote to our culture.

The pandemic has been a great reminder of the value of our environment and culture and the relationships that are fostered because of those strong values. We see clearly that our environment is the way our ministry is evaluated by those who experience it. In December, we were named by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 10 percent of nursing homes in the nation. Their evaluation is made from performance metrics used to establish quality in long-term care centers and we are beyond proud to be among this distinguished group.

As we plan for 2023, we start with gratitude for our history of service and for everyone who sustains this ministry in the many ways we are supported. We look forward to deepening our partnerships, finding useful and creative technologies, and engaging with purpose with our stakeholders in ways that are clear and meaningful for the community.

Mary Haynes, RN, MS, MSN, CNHA
Nazareth Home


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Appointments to Kentucky Boards and Commissions

Appointments to Kentucky Boards and Commissions

Source: The Lane Report

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Gov. Andy Beshear has made the following appointments to Kentucky boards and commissions:

Appointed the following Special Justices to the Supreme Court of Kentucky:

    • Hon. J. Paul Long Jr. of Stanford, representing the 3rd Supreme Court District.
    • Hon. Christopher Rhoads of Owensboro, representing the 1st Supreme Court District.

Appointed Kori Beck Bumgarner as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit of Kentucky.

Appointed Hart Megibben as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 53rd Judicial Circuit of Kentucky.

Appointed Mitchel Denham as a member of the Personnel Board.

    • Mitchel Denham of Louisville is an attorney at DBL Law. He replaces Beverly Griffith, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 1, 2027.

Appointed Laura Guffey as a member of the Kentucky Board of Social Work.

    • Laura Guffey of Edgewood is a licensed social worker at St. Elizabeth Physicians. She replaces Anne Adcock, who has resigned, and shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term ending June 21, 2024.

Appointed William Fletcher and Sidney Shouse as members of the Governor’s Advisory Board for Veterans’ Affairs.

    • William Fletcher of Louisville is executive director of AMVETS of Kentucky. He replaces Richard Eisert, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Dec. 27, 2025.
    • Sidney Shouse of Bardstown is a postal worker at the United States Postal Service. He replaces Larry Arnett, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Dec. 27, 2025.

Appointed Amanda Davenport and Charles Davis as members of the Water Transportation Advisory Board. Reappointed Timothy Cahill.

    • Amanda Davenport of Princeton is executive director of the Lake Barkley Partnership. She replaces Joseph Crabtree, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Dec. 27, 2026.
    • Charles Davis of Lexington is a civil engineer at Beaver Creek Hydrology LLC. He replaces L. Wayne Cassady, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Dec. 27, 2026.
    • Timothy Cahill of Paducah is executive director of the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority and shall serve for a term expiring Sept. 30, 2026.

Appointed Joshua Crepps as a member of the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors. Reappointed James Chandler.

    • Joshua Crepps of Coxs Creek is a home inspector at Crepps Home Inspection. He replaces Mitch Buchanan, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Dec. 27, 2025.
    • James Chandler of Richmond is a home inspector at Chandler Home Inspections Inc. and shall serve for a term expiring Oct. 31, 2025.

Reappointed Bill McCloskey and Todd Clark as members of the Kentucky Tobacco Research Board.

    • Bill McCloskey of Bardstown is deputy executive director of the Kentucky Office of Agriculture Policy and shall serve for a term expiring Nov. 24, 2024.
    • Todd Clark of Lexington is a farmer at Clark Farms Inc. and shall serve for a term expiring Nov. 24, 2024.

Appointed Mary Haynes as a member of the Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council.

    • Mary Haynes of Prospect is president and CEO of Nazareth Home. She replaces Michelle Jarboe, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 11, 2026.

Appointed Robin Stratton and Nicholas LaFerriere as members of the Kentucky Heritage Council.

    • Robin Stratton of Louisville is retired. She replaces Corinne Pierce, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 11, 2027.
    • Nicholas LaFerriere of Louisville is an enterprise transformation lead at Humana. He replaces Betsy Kuster, whose term has expired, and shall serve for a term expiring Jan. 11, 2027.
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ANNOUNCING: Meet LBF’s 2023 Health Care Heroes honorees

ANNOUNCING: Meet LBF's 2023 Health Care Heroes honorees

Source: Louisville Business First

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The dedication and achievements of our local health care community knows no bounds.

Louisville Business First’s annual Health Care Heroes program features medical professionals who go above and beyond to care for their patients and the community. We are honoring those who have made an impact on health care in our community through their concern for patients, research, innovation, management skills and rising stars in the field.

We asked our readers to submit nominations for the awards. Nominations were judged by Louisville Business First editors and publisher Lisa Benson.

There were many nominations to review and it was a task to narrow the number down to those we are honoring this year. This year, we are honoring area health care professionals in six categories, as well as our Lifetime Achievement award honoree.

Our Lifetime Achievement honoree is Gilda’s Club Member Engagement Manager Mary Gatton.

Gatton has worked for more than a decade at Gilda’s Club and prior worked for four decades at Hosparus. Gatton’s nominator wrote, “The number of lives Mary has touched in her career is immeasurable. Everywhere I go in the community, people remember the impact she made for them.”

The 2023 Health Care Heroes will be profiled in the Feb. 17-23 edition of Louisville Business First and earlier that week on our website.

An in-person dinner and awards presentation event is scheduled at The Olmsted on Thursday, Feb. 16 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. You can find more details and register to attend here.

Along with Louisville Business First honoring Gatton and the Health Care Heroes listed below, Louisville Business First Editor-in-Chief Shea Van Hoy host a fireside chat with Tiffany Benjamin.

Benjamin took over as CEO of the Humana Foundation on Jan. 3, 2022, where she is helping the foundation’s mission to advocate for health equity. The Humana Foundation was established in 1981 as the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc.

Here are the honorees broken down by category:

This award honors an entrepreneurial initiative in the health care business scene that is making strides in the industry.

    • Greg Baker, founder and CEO, EmsanaRx, PBC
    • Will Metcalf, associate vice president for research development and strategic partnerships, University of Louisville
    • Julia Regan, co-founder and CEO, RxLightning

This honor is for an organization or person who has worked to break down inequities in health care or health care access for underserved populations or areas of our community, including but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

    • Kathe Feliu, case manager/social worker, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid in Kentucky
    • Dr. Kelly McCants, executive director, Norton Heart & Vascular Institute Advanced Heart Failure & Recovery Program; executive director, Institute for Health Equity, Norton Healthcare Inc.
    • Melissa McElroy, clinic director, Dunn Physical Therapy
    • Dr. Edward Miller, UofL Physicians – OB/GYN & Women’s Health, UofL Health

This award honors someone who breaks ground in the health care field by developing or implementing new technology, treatments, or programs with wide applications.

    • David Cook, president and CEO, Hosparus Health & Pallitus Health Partners
    • Mary Haynes, president and CEO Nazareth Home
    • (joint award) Dr. Matt Holder, CEO, Lee Specialty Clinic; Dr. Henry Hood, chief clinical officer, Lee Specialty Clinic
    • Dr. Arif Nazir, chief medical officer, primary care, BrightSpring Health Services
    • Jessica Sharon, director of innovation programs, University of Louisville

This award honors leaders ranging from the head of a small company or organization to an executive in a major health system.

    • Melisa Adkins, CEO, UofL Health – Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, UofL Health
    • Marcie DeWitt, associate vice president, employee health, Baptist Health
    • Mary Rodriguez, nursing manager, Baptist Health Louisville
    • Mary Lynn Spalding, president and CEO, Christian Care Communities

This award honors a physician, nurse or other health care professional who works directly with patients and who shows exceptional achievement in his or her work.

    • Tricia Cobler, senior nurse practitioner, Pallitus Health Partners
    • Dr. Mini Das, cardiologist, Baptist Health Louisville
    • Glennesha Mudd, senior family therapist, Family & Children’s Place
    • Khaga Sapkota, nursing director, Gathering Club
    • Dr. Ben Thornton, neurology hospitalist, Baptist Health Louisville

A new category this year is our Rising Star. This honor recognizes emerging health care professionals who are making an impact in their company or organization.

    • Parker Lacy, vice president of facilities management, Trilogy Health Services
    • Corenza Townsend, chief administrative officer, Norton West Louisville Hospital, Norton Healthcare Inc.
    • (joint award) Mandi Walker, system executive director, Office of Professional Practice, Nursing Research and Nursing Education, UofL Health – UofL Hospital; Kelly Russell, director, Office of Professional Practice, UofL Health – UofL Hospital

Congratulations to all of our 2023 honorees.

Thanks to our presenting sponsors Baptist Health and Louisville Healthcare CEO Council; and our supporting sponsor Dentons.

Interested in nominating for any of our programs? All of our open nomination forms can be found here.

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A Note From Our CEO: The Year of Grit, Gratitude and Grace

A Note From Our CEO: The Year of Grit, Gratitude and Grace

It is hard to believe that we are already into February. While 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty and hardship, the one thing that never wavered was the true grit of our elders and staff, the grace of our families, and the gratitude shown by all. While it may feel as though we are still deep into the unknown of COVID, we have several things that we do know.  

We have faced multiple COVID-19 focused Infection Control Surveys by the State Office of Inspector General this past year, and we have passed each one. Thank you to Kim Hobson, director of nursing at our Highlands campus, Alison Snow, director of nursing at our Clifton campus, and their outstanding teams for ensuring that we are continuing to provide the same level of care and excellence the elders deserve.

We have completed our second round of COVID-19 vaccines at both campuses, and we are eager to keep moving forward.

We have seen such determination and commitment from our staff, families and elders. Despite the upheaval that COVID-19 has brought to our worlds, you have never wavered in your support. For this, we will always be grateful. No matter the obstacles our team has faced, they have shown up every day and provided love, care and compassion to our elders. We can not say enough good about our team members.  

Finally, we come to the grace that we have received from each of our families and elders. You stood by us, and you supported our hard decisions. You understood that protecting our elders must come first, and you have truly shown compassion beyond expectation. While we do not have a road map for the next few months, I ask that you continue to extend grace and know we are doing all we can to regain some normalcy. This is something the staff craves as much as the families and elders.  

I know without question that if we can continue to dig deep, show our grit, live with gratitude and grace, we will come out of this pandemic a stronger community than we have ever imagined. As always, my phone is always open to you, and I am here to serve.

Mary Haynes
President & CEO

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A Note From Our CEO

A Note From Our CEO

What a year 2020 has been. In January, we only had a glimpse of what we would face this year. We heard whispers of COVID-19 but had yet to understand how much it would change our world, country, state and our home. However, while many people are isolated this year, we are the fortunate few that have a community to come to each day – a home with strong relationships and support. While we can’t let the outside world in, the staff and elders have grown stronger together within our walls. 

The success of Nazareth Home’s mission comes from our commitment to relationships and hospitality. We rely on our team, elders and families to build a culture of community at our campuses. However, when one of those three components is missing, we miss a critical piece of our infrastructure.  

When we closed our doors to visitors, we knew it would be hard not to have families visit, but we had no idea the loss we would all feel. The elders are missing their family connections, and caregivers and staff are longing for that as well. The support, relationships and communication are all things we have missed as our families are not within our walls. 

We are doing our best to combat this missing piece with technology, window visits, socially distanced activities and a renewed sense of hospitality. We have focused on giving more of ourselves to make sure the elders, while missing their family visits, still have a sense of comfort, belonging and safety. Hospitality is the foundation of our mission, and it runs deep at Nazareth Home.   

So where do we go from here? We lean on our strengths when in crisis. We settle in on the things we know are true – hospitality, person-centered care, spirituality, a culture of family, and strong communication. With these values in place, we are better prepared to keep moving forward through this pandemic. We are confident and ready to face the new year and new challenges.

We are also grateful for the support of families, friends, neighbors and local businesses. The kindness of donuts, lunch and handwritten signs bring smiles to our faces, as do the many other kind gestures bestowed on us. We are fortunate to have such love poured upon us from those that cannot come into our home right now.

2020 taught us how truly important this home is, the people in it, and those on the outside. This year is a reminder to focus on strengths when in crisis and never forget the importance of great hospitality.  I am thankful for an amazing place to work, where I get to come each day and be a part of a home and a family. 

Mary Haynes
President & CEO

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