A Note From Our CEO

What a year 2020 has been. In January, we only had a glimpse of what we would face this year. We heard whispers of COVID-19 but had yet to understand how much it would change our world, country, state and our home. However, while many people are isolated this year, we are the fortunate few that have a community to come to each day – a home with strong relationships and support. While we can’t let the outside world in, the staff and elders have grown stronger together within our walls. 

The success of Nazareth Home’s mission comes from our commitment to relationships and hospitality. We rely on our team, elders and families to build a culture of community at our campuses. However, when one of those three components is missing, we miss a critical piece of our infrastructure.  

When we closed our doors to visitors, we knew it would be hard not to have families visit, but we had no idea the loss we would all feel. The elders are missing their family connections, and caregivers and staff are longing for that as well. The support, relationships and communication are all things we have missed as our families are not within our walls. 

We are doing our best to combat this missing piece with technology, window visits, socially distanced activities and a renewed sense of hospitality. We have focused on giving more of ourselves to make sure the elders, while missing their family visits, still have a sense of comfort, belonging and safety. Hospitality is the foundation of our mission, and it runs deep at Nazareth Home.   

So where do we go from here? We lean on our strengths when in crisis. We settle in on the things we know are true – hospitality, person-centered care, spirituality, a culture of family, and strong communication. With these values in place, we are better prepared to keep moving forward through this pandemic. We are confident and ready to face the new year and new challenges.

We are also grateful for the support of families, friends, neighbors and local businesses. The kindness of donuts, lunch and handwritten signs bring smiles to our faces, as do the many other kind gestures bestowed on us. We are fortunate to have such love poured upon us from those that cannot come into our home right now.

2020 taught us how truly important this home is, the people in it, and those on the outside. This year is a reminder to focus on strengths when in crisis and never forget the importance of great hospitality.  I am thankful for an amazing place to work, where I get to come each day and be a part of a home and a family. 

Mary Haynes
President & CEO

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