A Note From Our CEO: The Year of Grit, Gratitude and Grace

It is hard to believe that we are already into February. While 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty and hardship, the one thing that never wavered was the true grit of our elders and staff, the grace of our families, and the gratitude shown by all. While it may feel as though we are still deep into the unknown of COVID, we have several things that we do know.  

We have faced multiple COVID-19 focused Infection Control Surveys by the State Office of Inspector General this past year, and we have passed each one. Thank you to Kim Hobson, director of nursing at our Highlands campus, Alison Snow, director of nursing at our Clifton campus, and their outstanding teams for ensuring that we are continuing to provide the same level of care and excellence the elders deserve.

We have completed our second round of COVID-19 vaccines at both campuses, and we are eager to keep moving forward.

We have seen such determination and commitment from our staff, families and elders. Despite the upheaval that COVID-19 has brought to our worlds, you have never wavered in your support. For this, we will always be grateful. No matter the obstacles our team has faced, they have shown up every day and provided love, care and compassion to our elders. We can not say enough good about our team members.  

Finally, we come to the grace that we have received from each of our families and elders. You stood by us, and you supported our hard decisions. You understood that protecting our elders must come first, and you have truly shown compassion beyond expectation. While we do not have a road map for the next few months, I ask that you continue to extend grace and know we are doing all we can to regain some normalcy. This is something the staff craves as much as the families and elders.  

I know without question that if we can continue to dig deep, show our grit, live with gratitude and grace, we will come out of this pandemic a stronger community than we have ever imagined. As always, my phone is always open to you, and I am here to serve.

Mary Haynes
President & CEO

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