Donor Spotlight: Dawn Davison Brown Shares What Giving to the Nazareth Homes Foundation Means to Her

Donor Spotlight: Dawn Davison Brown Shares What Giving to the Nazareth Homes Foundation Means to Her

 Dawn Davison Brown, who resides in Alabama and has roots in Louisville, began her journey with Nazareth Home at a time when her family was in crisis. Her mother, Darlene Davison, collapsed from an illness and was sent to the hospital in 2013. When Darlene was ready to be discharged, Dawn found herself desperately seeking the next solution for her mother’s care with a two-day notice. It was during the Christmas season that year that Dawn called Nazareth Home for help based on a recommendation from her husband, Rick. On the other end of that critical phone call from Alabama was Mary Haynes, Nazareth Home’s President/CEO, who became Dawn’s guiding light in her great time of need.

“I was desperate. I was calling anyone and everyone I could find on the computer in Louisville. I never dreamt that Mary Haynes would answer the phone. She will always be my angel. I am grateful beyond words. God stepped in.”

With the nurturing care provided by Nazareth Home, Dawn’s mother was able to receive the support she required – first in rehabilitation (Recovery to Home) and then in skilled nursing (Spalding Square). This gave Dawn and her family eight weeks of peace during a very difficult period. Dawn was grateful for the friendly nature of the facility, as her mother was welcomed with open arms.

“I loved the inclusiveness of Nazareth Home. Mom was Presbyterian, I’m Methodist, and I thought the Nazareth Home was predominantly for Catholics,” said Dawn.

The financial aspect of her mother’s care was also a concern, but with the help of Nazareth Home, Dawn’s brother, Ross was able to navigate this challenge. The experience at Nazareth Home strengthened Dawn’s faith and inspired her to give back. 

As a gesture of gratitude and commitment to helping others, Dawn has personally donated monthly  and placed the Nazareth Homes Foundation in her will. She also appreciates the ongoing newsletters from Nazareth Home so she can stay informed on the organization’s activities and impact. 

“I knew Mom was being cared for and did not question that. It strengthened my faith, and this is the one gift I can give back in Darlene’s memory.” 

Dawn hopes to visit Nazareth Home again sometime, expressing her deep appreciation for the excellent care her mother received and the hospitality shown to her family. Her story is a testament to the impact of generosity and the importance of supporting organizations that provide comfort and dignity to those in need.

 “I made a vow and commitment to help others to give as I could. I was shown such generosity by Nazareth Home. My Mom was not expected to live long, but Nazareth Home gave us eight weeks of compassionate care. It was a gift to me living in another state. It meant so much to me that my mother experienced eight weeks of kindness and dignity.”

Dawn Davison Brown being a monthly donor to the Nazareth Homes Foundation serves as an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing your story and for your dedication to making a difference in the lives of others through your gifts.

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