About Nazareth Home

Warm, inviting, and compassionate.

Nazareth Home is a welcoming community with an unmatched reputation for compassion and results. The healing ministry at Nazareth Home is open to people of all faiths who are looking for peace of mind for themselves or their loved ones. With two locations, we offer more opportunities to serve elders with our innovative and personal focus.

Nazareth Home believes in providing care that focuses on each individual’s needs, preferences, and abilities. This philosophy of care is known as “person-centered care.” Person-centered care enables staff to meet the unique needs of each elder by empowering them through personal choice.

Mary Haynes

Message From Our President/CEO

Nazareth Home is dedicated to the highest quality of service, individually tailored for every resident at Nazareth Home. We put the elder first with our innovative person-centered focus. We value the needs and wants of each resident. Nazareth Home creates community through collaboration among elders, their families, and our staff to ensure we base the elder’s day on their choices. This collaboration also provides a unique opportunity for the elder and their family to share their story, allowing us to honor each resident’s wishes. We are committed to putting the person before the routine. Nazareth Home’s goals are simple –  we do everything possible to put our residents in the driver’s seat.

Mission Statement

A compassionate and welcoming community providing health and wellness services for adults and families, with an intentional focus on hospitality and excellence.



Belief in God and the role of faith in healing.


Passion for superior performance and outcomes.


Honoring the individual and reverence for life at all stages.


Motivated by care and concern for others.


Belief in partnership and working well with all others.

Board Of Directors

Nazareth Home has assembled an accomplished team of community leaders to carry out our mission. Our board brings many years of experience in not-for-profit, accounting, legal, and business arenas, as well as a dedication to serving our community’s aging population.