Pastoral Care Helps Elders Continue Spiritual Journey at Nazareth Home

Pastoral Care Helps Elders Continue Spiritual Journey at Nazareth Home

The holidays are a time of year that conjure up a vast range of thoughts and images. For some, it is time with beloved family. For others, it is a quiet time of reflection. And for some, there is sadness associated with this time of year, maybe due to the loss of a loved one, seasonal anxiety, or perhaps a health diagnosis. In many cases, spirituality, faith, and religion are at the forefront as multiple faiths celebrate significant religious events during the month of December.

 Although the focus on faith can seem strongest this time of year, Nazareth Home carries on a legacy of spirituality, mission, hospitality, and connection year-round. It is very much at the center of what we provide when welcoming a new elder to our community. The pastoral care team works closely with each elder to help establish faith-based opportunities, if they wish. Such opportunities might include attending private prayer groups, mass, ecumenical services, and more. These always cater to the individual wishes and interests of each elder so that the experience is personal and meaningful to them.


“Although Nazareth Home is Catholic-affiliated, people of all faiths are welcome here,” said Mary Haynes, Nazareth Home president/CEO. “Having a pastoral care presence is one way we focus on creating a healthy and positive experience for patients and elders in hopes they can explore the joy of living through their spirituality and faith. Hosting a spiritual presence is at the heart of our person-centered care.”


In fact, there are many different faiths represented at Nazareth Home. Our pastoral care team on each campus works closely with elders and their family members, regardless of their religious affiliation or faith – even those who identify themselves as non-religious. In many cases, the team members simply offer the gift of time, an open ear, and a caring presence. This outreach includes our employees, too.


“Pastoral care, in the broadest sense, is about helping each individual here find what brings them to a peaceful place – whatever that might be,” said Bridget Bunning, Nazareth Home director of pastoral care & mission. “We accompany people both during their times of duress and joy. And we respect everyone’s personal path and how they wish to include it as part of their daily lives.”


There is something at Nazareth Home for everyone who wishes to include faith or spirituality as part of their life’s journey.

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