Nazareth Home Implements New Toileting Technology to Benefit Health & Wellness Outcomes for Elders

Nazareth Home Implements New Toileting Technology to Benefit Health & Wellness Outcomes for Elders

Nazareth Home recently finalized an agreement with Toi Labs to purchase and install a TrueLoo® smart toilet seat in each resident room of its personal care program (Maria Hall). This cutting-edge technology is another example of how Nazareth Home is continually tapping into innovative ideas and products to improve the lives of elders on its two Louisville campuses. TrueLoo serves as an early screening/detection device for illness or underlying conditions.

These smart toilet seats were first piloted at Nazareth Home’s Highlands Campus nearly a year ago in our memory care neighborhood (Charity Court), making Nazareth Home the very first long-term care facility in the state to utilize this new toileting technology.

How do these toilet seats work? The TrueLoo is a toilet seat that provides automated real-time data collection and analysis, offering insights into residents’ wellness. It non-invasively monitors intake levels, stool and urine contents, and other vital health metrics without any burden to the user. These insights can point to early warning signs of abnormalities that have been shown to be associated with chronic conditions, which can progress into more significant health issues.

The smart toilet seat will be helpful in identifying abnormal waste patterns in residents that often indicate issues with intake and may help reduce the risk and impact of certain chronic diseases or conditions. According to Toi Labs, TrueLoo helps reduce falls by 32%. Additionally, TrueLoo eliminates the need for nursing staff to observe, interpret, remember, and document stool and urine eliminations. This allows staff to focus more time on caring for residents without missing important health data. Providing daily and weekly reports of bowel and bladder patterns enables early interventions by Nazareth Home staff, which may reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Nazareth Home president and CEO Mary Hayes said the new technology offers a win-win for the elders, their families, team members, and the entire organization.

“Upon admission, our nursing team manually monitors the resident’s toileting very closely for the first few days. This innovative bathroom technology now automates that process while adding the crucial element of privacy, and provides early detection of meaningful changes, reduces human reporting errors, and enables us to adjust the individual’s care in real time.”

Nazareth Home, known for our mission to serve elders with innovative, person-centered care, is continuously seeking new ways to proactively improve wellness for the elders who live on our two campuses. This initiative marks another significant effort toward integrating technology into our high-quality care, enhancing staff support, and fostering a nurturing and comfortable living environment.

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