We Love our Superheroes!

It has been said that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. And at Nazareth Home we know this to be true. We see it every day with our employees and the innovative, compassionate care they provide to the elders.

Our employees get to know the elders, along with their families, by building relationships and wholeheartedly supporting our person-center focus. They make Nazareth Home the special place that it is, and they are the reason we succeed. In fact, the extraordinary compassion and care that our staff provides is mentioned repeatedly in our reviews.

“Part of our mission at Nazareth Home is to embrace our staff, and serve them with the same innovative, compassionate care that we provide the elders,” said Human Resource Director Jennifer Smith. “It’s important that we make it easy for our staff to come to work, and enjoy what they are doing. Happy staff makes a happy workplace.”

We love our superheroes! Thank you to each of you for all your hard work!

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