Volunteer at Nazareth Home

Make a difference in the lives of elders by volunteering at Nazareth Home. Spending time with older adults is a fulfilling experience, just ask our volunteers and staff. For every moment you share with them, you are blessed with a smile, laugh or life lesson.

Nazareth Home volunteers are a vital part of our person-centered care philosophy, offering their time, talent and gifts to love and serve others in every stage of life. And there are many ways you can help, from special events to everyday tasks.

Our volunteers work with our expert staff in all areas, from playing cards, reading to the elders, helping with the grounds, assisting elders to Mass, and so much more. It’s a great way to spend time with others and even make some new friends.

“I love the personal interaction with the residents. Many days I receive more than I give, and I hope I have returned to them the love they have given me,” said Charon Clayton, a 14-year volunteer at Nazareth Home.

If you’re interested in making a difference in the life of an elder, there are numerous volunteer opportunities available at Nazareth Home and Nazareth Home Clifton. To learn more or to fill out our volunteer application, visit nazhome.org/volunteer.

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