Vince Romeo brings joy to Nazareth Home


Sometimes in life, we cross paths with people that forever change our hearts. Such is the case with Vince Romeo. After a tragic car accident in 2009, he spent time at Frazier Rehab and moved to Nazareth Home in 2010. 

Vince suffered significant injuries from the accident, causing his parents to seek a full-time residential community where he not only would live but thrive. When Vince’s parents, Lynda and Mark came to President and CEO Mary Haynes and asked about moving him to Nazareth Home, Mary recognized that this was not the typical resident. However, she knew Vince would be cared for and loved at Nazareth Home. 

Through the years, Vince has been supported by the Sisters, elders, visitors and the staff. Even during this past year, despite the COVID-19 visitation restrictions, Lynda was confident Vince was well looked after in her absence. One special relationship was the friendship between long-time Nazareth Home employee Garry Gaither and Vince. 

“They truly are the best of friends. Vince lights up and actively engages with Garry when he comes into the room,” said Lynda. “Garry’s corny humor played a large role in pulling Vince back to interacting in his environment, and their exceptional bond is evident to anyone who sees them together.”

On June 2, Vince and his parents moved to Portland, Ore. to be close to Vince’s brother and his family. While saying goodbye is never easy, the move has been great for Vince. His new facility is a couple of blocks from his parents. Being so close allows for even more enriching family time. Since the move, they have already brought him to their home a few times a week and have made multiple visits to see him.

“It was sad to leave Nazareth Home after Vince lived there for 11 years. So many people loved him, and as a mother, I was comforted by the knowledge of him having not just me but so many other ‘mothers’ looking out for him,” said Lynda.

Through the years, Vince brought lots of joy to the elders and staff. He will be forever missed at Nazareth Home, but we are thrilled that he has found another caring and loving home close to family.

Thank you, Vince, Lynda and Mark for the joy you brought to our Highlands campus over the past decade.

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