Scripture Rocks Bring Happiness to the Community and the Elders at Nazareth Home

Found in Louisville, placed today at Cracker Barrel in Indy.

Earlier this year, the elders who live at Nazareth Home painted scripture rocks to leave in parks and public spaces across Louisville. They had hoped people would search for the rocks, and when found, take a selfie with it and post a photo to the Nazareth Home Facebook page with the location of where it was found. Little did they know how successful this little activity would be. 

“It was a fun way to spread happiness and connect with the community. We knew the elders needed a positive distraction from the months of COVID protocols and visiting restrictions,” said Development Director Roberta Steutermann. “We also wanted a way for the elders to remind the world that they still have so much light and love to give. Scripture Rocks became the way to tell that story.”  

Found one of your beautiful painted stones. It says be a good soul. It was on the curb out side of Payless grocery store.

“We don’t want people to forget about us,” says elder Marilyn Allen as she painted her rock back in March.

Since hiding the rock, they have been found at local parks, restaurants, hiking trails, and even 115 miles away in Indianapolis. The elders and staff at Nazareth Home have been blessed by the sweet responses and photos received about the scripture rocks. 

These rocks became a lifeline between the elders and the community. Through the messages and photos received, it’s apparent the mission of bringing love, smiles and joy to the community was achieved. It was a gift that they are so thrilled to have shared. 

“This project was a reminder that Nazareth is not just a long-term care facility; we are a mission, one bringing hope and love to all,” said Roberta. “Our elders have so much left to give to our community.” 

The painting and hiding of scripture rocks are the elders’ way of reminding the community that everyone needs peace, love and faith that better days are ahead.

My ‘granddog’ Luna found the most precious treasure at Bingham Park in Clifton, one of the coveted rocks painted by residents at Nazareth Home. The residents decided to paint rocks with vibrant colors and inspirational sayings to bring hope, joy, and light into people’s lives. Needless to say, the rock did the job!! The excitement in finding the rock, the happiness at reading the heartfelt inscription, and feelings of love filled our hearts with pure delight! Thank you, Nazareth Home, for making this world a brighter place!! I put this message on my timeline but did not know how to put it on yours. Thank you so much for being a beacon of light and hope during challenging times!
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