Rehabilitation to Home

Next week is National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, a time to acknowledge the benefits of rehab programs, and the positive impact these services make in the lives of people in need. At Nazareth Home, our person-centered Rehabilitation to Home program accelerates healing and improves quality of life.

We look at the entire person, not just the condition – what was life like before the diagnosis and how can we get the elder back to that standard of living. We have experienced, compassionate therapists committed to helping the elders live the life they want.

We believe the best way to get someone back on their feet, faster, is to offer them an environment where they can focus on healing. Our customized care plans involve the elders and their families, caregivers and therapists to provide efficient, supportive and responsive care tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Our goal is to aid elders in achieving their own, individual, best level of health, well-being, ability and independence in their daily lives. We desire to not only heal the injury, but also for elders to be successful when they leave Nazareth Home so they can live their best life.

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