Nazareth Home launches new apprenticeship program

Nazareth Home Forward is designed to advance careers and increase income

Nazareth Home is excited to announce a new apprenticeship program for employees called Nazareth Home Forward. The program will allow staff to grow within their positions while gaining more expertise and earning potential. 

Nazareth Forward develops and teaches new skills, provides hands-on training, and matches employees with an experienced mentor for support. The best part is that you get to earn more while you learn.

We currently offer three programs:

      • Beginner CNA Apprentice
      • CNA Apprentice
      • CMT, LPN, RN Apprentice

More program options will be added soon. Our goal is to roll out a dietary program in the next 60-90 days.

To participate as an apprentice, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

      • Full- or part-time Nazareth Home employee (PRN employees are not eligible)
      • Three days in your current role – if you are not a current employee, why wait? Apply for a position at Nazareth Home here. We would love to have new hires join Forward as well!
      • Three or fewer attendance points
      • Employee in good standing
      • Three days since the completion of your last certification

It’s a great time to become a Forward apprentice. Healthcare jobs are projected to grow 15% during the next decade, offering job stability in our community and across the U.S. You will also receive nationally recognized credentials and a fulfilling and rewarding career at Nazareth Home. 

It’s the people at Nazareth Home that make the difference, and that is why we are investing in your future. Enhance the lives of others and your own. Join Nazareth Home Forward today!

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