Nazareth Home elders celebrate 69th wedding anniversary

Within the walls of both Nazareth Home campuses, there are hundreds of stories to be told among elders. For Marjorie and Robert (Bob) Oelker, elders at Nazareth Home’s Highlands Campus, their story is one of enduring love. 

On April 11, Marjorie and Bob celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. Marjorie first moved to Nazareth Home in February of 2021, and though Bob was limited in his visit times due to COVID-19 restrictions, he would constantly be on the phone with her. 

After staying twice for rehabilitation since Marjorie moved, Bob came to live at Nazareth Home in January. When they’re not spending time together during meals in the dining room, exercising or participating in afternoon activities, the married couple stays in touch on the phone together from their rooms. 

Both Marjorie and Bob grew up on farms and look back fondly on their rural upbringings. While they were engaged, Bob served in the Army and was stationed in Munich, Germany for two years. Then the couple married and settled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. While Bob supported the family by working as a carpenter, Marjorie stayed home to raise their three children. They now have seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. 

Throughout the years, faith has played a big role in the lives of Bob and Marjorie. They are both still members of St. John’s Lutheran Church and at Nazareth Home, Marjorie regularly participates in most religious events. She was a vocal participant in this year’s Maundy Thursday Bible Study event in April and a regular participant in Wednesday ecumenical prayer services. She reminds us all that the meaning of the word “Catholic” is universal and has embraced her love of God through our catholic community, regularly enjoying rosary prayer. 

So far, Bob’s favorite activities at Nazareth Home are the musical events. A guitarist himself, Bob enjoys making requests during performances and interacting with musicians after performances. Both Bob and Marjorie participate in most activities at Nazareth Home and enjoy active lives together. 

Maintaining a marriage for nearly seven decades is quite a feat, and according to Marjorie, there are a few factors that lead to a successful partnership. 

“First, you have to find the right person; then it still takes tolerance, patience and a lot of faith,” she said. 

Bob also had some pertinent advice for newlyweds. 

“Remember, when you have a fuss, the making up comes next and it’s the best,” he said.

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