Feet to the Fire Writers' Workshop Engages Elders

Living an active and engaged life with opportunities to grow and learn is essential at every age. Regularly participating in life enrichment activities promotes brain health and lowers health risks associated with isolation and loneliness.

Nazareth Home offers programs that are designed to nurture the mental, physical, spiritual and social aspects of elders. And creating community partnerships that focus on establishing relationships foster an empowering environment.

One of these partnerships is with Angela Burton, founder of Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshop. This workshop ignites memories and engages elders through writing and reminiscing. It focuses on creating an experience that provides a sense of community and purpose, fitting perfectly into Nazareth Home’s person-centered approach to care.

“Partnership is a profoundly important concept at Nazareth Home. One of our key values is collaborating with others who have the same type of drive and commitment,” said Nazareth Home Clifton Administrator, Lisa Biddle-Puffer. “Through these partnerships we enhance elder’s spiritual and emotional fulfillment, providing excellence in care.”

At Nazareth Home, it’s important to provide a healing ministry for the mind, body and spirit. Our dedicated team focuses on this mission by building partnerships that contribute to enriched, engaged and purposeful lives. Programs like Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshop, empowers elders to make the most of life each day.

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