COVID-19 Vaccination Update and Frequently Asked Questions

Excitement is in the air at Nazareth Home as residents and staff members of both campuses have now received their first vaccination for COVID-19. Everyone has been looking forward to this day for quite some time. We are thankful and blessed we are some of the first to receive the vaccine. 

We are looking forward to the day when elders and their families can return to a sense of normalcy with communal dining, activities, and daily moments of physical connection. We know we still have a journey ahead of us before we get there; however, getting the first vaccination was a giant step toward that goal. 

Along with receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations has come several questions from family and friends.

When will the second vaccine be distributed to our communities?
Both campuses have already received the first vaccination for COVID-19. Our communities will update families with more information once we have a set date from CVS on administering the second vaccination. It will be between 21-28 days after the first vaccination.

Will family members get access to the vaccine?
Unfortunately, due to the limited supply of the vaccine, the U.S. COVID-19 vaccination program determined the first group to have access to the immunization includes residents in long-term care facilities and healthcare personnel. The CDC states that the vaccine will be more widely available to the public later this year.

How much will the vaccine cost?
There will be no cost. The vaccine is purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars and is given to elders and staff members at no charge.

Once the second dose is administered, will activities and visitors return to normal?
The vaccine is only one tool that our community will use to prevent the COVID-19 virus. For now, we will continue to adhere to national and state government guidelines, infection protocols, social distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment. We will notify all families once we can invite families, visitors and volunteers onsite again. Please visit our website and Facebook page regularly to stay up to date on our latest guidelines.

For now, we continue to test all elders weekly and upon any appearance of slight symptoms. Staff is tested twice per week.

Are you accepting new residents?
Our communities remain open to welcome new elders, and we encourage you to experience our community and meet our team members by scheduling a virtual tour. We have safely instituted a move-in policy that protects our elders and staff. For more information, contact:

Jeanine Pernosky
Director of Admissions
Nazareth Home Clifton

Sharon Weikert
Director of Admissions
Nazareth Home Highlands

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