COVID-19 Testing Update

Nazareth Home has been aggressive in fulfilling all known strategies to prevent COVID-19 at both campuses. The safety and well-being of every resident and staff member is our top priority. Last week, Nazareth Home Clifton tested all residents and staff, more than 200 people, as a part of the statewide COVID-19 testing for long-term care. Despite the strict infection control precautions we have had in place since early March, the results concluded 19 staff and 35 residents tested positive for COVID-19.

While most were asymptomatic, we transferred residents who tested positive and had increased symptoms of COVID-19, to an acute level of care. Staff who tested positive are quarantining at home. We are grateful to be part of the Louisville healthcare community, who have been engaged in helping us execute this plan of care.

Nazareth Home Highlands will begin testing residents and staff on June 1.

The communication with family members or responsible parties regarding a resident’s change of condition, including the onset of respiratory symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19 is a responsibility we are always serious in keeping. Last weekend, it became very challenging to be timely in these communications. Many of the elders who were transferred to the hospital last weekend will be moving back to Nazareth Home Clifton this weekend. We are grateful that we can re-establish a communication process that gives everyone more peace of mind.

We are also in regular contact with the employees who tested positive. Many of them are able to return to work on May 31. Our staff and residents are like family, and we are praying for their full recovery.

We appreciate everyone’s continued understanding of the visitation restrictions that are in place. While not being able to visit loved ones is difficult, we encourage families to remain in contact through phone conversations, virtual visits and e-mail.

Through this very challenging time, our staff has shown amazing dedication, and they continue to work to provide care and services to the residents. We remain positive and proactive in our efforts of promoting the health and wellness of our residents and staff.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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