Compassion Through Person-Centered Care

Throughout October, we have been celebrating patient-centered care, also known as person-centered care. This type of care is designed to help elders thrive. It embraces flexibility, self-determination and personal choice.

At Nazareth Home, this approach is an extension of our mission and core values of compassion, respect, cooperation, spirituality and excellence. Person-centered care is a holistic approach that focuses on enhancing elders’ health and well-being, which includes: social, spiritual and physical wellness.

“Whether someone needs short-term rehabilitation, full-time nursing or end-of-life care, our focus is always compassionate and person-centered,” says Executive Director Mary Haynes. “All the ways we provide care have one thing in common; the elder or patient is in the driver’s seat. Their individual needs along with their likes and dislikes come first.”

Compassionate person-centered care creates an environment where the elder decides their day. When they go to bed and when to wake up, it’s their choice. They can eat what they want and when they want. They decide what their daily schedule looks like, from doctor’s appointments to activities. Just as in the rest of their adult lives, the elder determines their day and decisions with open communication between family members and caregivers.

At the center of person-centered living is relationship building. It starts with getting to know the elders and their life stories. What are their backgrounds? What are their interests? What makes them feel happy? These are just a few of the questions we ask as people move from their home to Nazareth Home. And throughout their stay, we keep the lines of communication open among elders, caregivers and family members.

Person-centered care and this living philosophy encompass the activities and services planned according to each resident’s personal preferences and values. This approach honors each elder’s choice, dignity and individuality, which enhances quality of care and well-being.

Nazareth Home welcomes you to stop by for a tour and learn more about our person-centered approach. For information about admissions or rehab services, call 502-459-9681, or visit our contact us page. 

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