Celebrating National Skilled Nursing Care Week

This past week we celebrated National Skilled Nursing Care Week, and while our celebration included social distancing and wearing masks, we had lots of smiles and laughter from the elders and our staff.

This year’s theme, Sharing Our Wisdom, was embraced by all. Throughout the week, elders and staff shared insight, purpose and wisdom from their life experiences, reminding us to be present, celebrate the small moments and value our family and friends. We found inspiration, hope, peace and joy in the wisdom and fun that was shared.

During the week, many games were played, like hallway bingo, and Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader. We celebrated until our bellies were full of cake, cupcakes, ice cream and pizza. We honored our Health Care Heroes and shared signs of wisdom with high school seniors.

We recognize the elders, their special relationships with our staff, and everyone that makes up our unique and wonderful community. Nazareth Home’s campuses are more than just buildings or places that take care of the elderly. They are homes full of love, wisdom and compassion that embody the true spirit of our healing mission.

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