86-year-old COVID-19 survivor reunites with wife after spending a year apart

Source: WDRB
By Kristen Shanahan
March 20, 2021

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For the first time in a year, long-term care residents are getting to reconnect with their loved ones in person.

Denny Moorman lives at Nazareth Home in Louisville, where his wife, Ann, would visit him at least four times a week before the pandemic hit. 

“When COVID hit, it was quite awhile before, you know, if there were any COVID cases here we couldn’t, but the window visits started and we did come as often as we could, which was just once a week,” Ann said. 

The Louisville couple has been married for 56 years. Their love story has taken them around the world and given them five kids and 10 grandchildren. 

“He’s always been my anchor and our kids are our heroes, and religion is a big part in our life,” Ann said.

The two said it’s faith and support that got them through a year of being physically away from each other.

“It was very unsettling,” she said.

Months into the pandemic her husband, Denny, got sick with COVID-19. For more than a month, he battled the virus in the hospital with virtual calls from his family.

“But he’s been taken very well care of,” his wife said. “I just can’t imagine at 86 that he survived.”

Reflecting back on memories with his family, Denny fought through and just recently had a special reunion with his wife. For the first time in a year, he finally got to sit next to her again.

“It was wonderful, because we couldn’t touch,” Ann said. “I just wanted to take his hand and I couldn’t give him a hug, give him a kiss.”

“Yeah she was all over me,” Denny said as they both laughed.

It’s another story the two fully vaccinated love birds now have to share.

“We have so many blessings. We are so grateful,” Ann said.

The couple says they are now looking forward to the day when they can eat at one of their favorite restaurants together again.

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