Rehabilitation to Home

Focused on patient’s abilities rather than disabilities.

Our rehabilitation program is ideal for those individuals who need additional recovery time and therapy after a surgery, illness, or hospital stay. The goal of our rehabilitation services is to accelerate healing and improve quality of life.

Nazareth Home has a dedicated staff of highly skilled licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists and a separate short-term rehabilitation gym available 7 days a week. Our therapists provide customized one-on-one treatment and work together with their doctors to help reach each patient’s rehabilitation goals so they return home to live life to the fullest. Our staff remains focused on our patient’s abilities rather than disabilities, and use leading-edge technology to help our residents and community, live pain-free, productive lives.

Inpatient, short-term rehabilitation services include:

Outpatient rehabilitation services include:

Nazareth Home clinical programs include: