Hospitality Fund

Thank you, donors! Your impact fuels our mission. You empower others. You affirm the lives of all who call Nazareth Home their home.

Striving for excellence and working continuously to keep moving forward, we have established the Hospitality Fund to serve as the foundation of all fundraising opportunities. Donor-supported gifts to this fund support all operations and allow us to create an empowering environment where elders can live, work and play.

The Hospitality Fund supports the following:

      • Innovations in care
      • Pastoral care
      • Educational and professional development opportunities for staff
      • Person-centered programming and outreach opportunities for Nazareth Home community members

Help us help others be their very best! Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the Hospitality Fund Fund in support of Nazareth Home.

We are thankful for everyone who gives of their time, treasure and talents. With your help, we can continue to live the Golden Rule and make a difference in the lives of others.

To learn more about other giving opportunities at Nazareth Home please contact:

Michael J. Buckman
Director of Development
(502) 473-2375 or

Nazareth Home, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization and, as such, donations are tax deductible within federal guidelines.

Schedule a tour and see for yourself the role charitable giving plays at Nazareth Home.

Michael J. Buckman
Director of Development

Message From Our Director Of Development

As the Development Director for Nazareth Home, I have the distinct honor of witnessing many acts of kindness wrapped in compassion every day.

You can show your compassion for our community’s greatest generations by donating your time, treasure and/or talents to the home. Nazareth Home continues to fulfill our mission and serve as the conscience of our community by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support for our greatest generations in their time of need.