Planning your Rehab at Nazareth Home

Nazareth Home understands a hospital stay is a stressful and challenging experience. Choosing a post-acute care can add more stress. Nazareth Home’s Recovery to Home rehabilitation services focuses on getting you home quickly, and avoiding further stress. Communication and collaboration between Nazareth Home, your surgeon, and you is vital to a speedy and successful recovery.

Comparing rehabilitation centers can be challenging. Nazareth Home encourages all patients to call and visit as many facilities as possible, and ask lots of questions to determine which center is the best fit for your or your loved one’s needs. Look closely at each center, and talk to your surgeon to receive his or her opinion. Below are some questions to ask Nazareth Home or any center you’re considering.

  • Is Nazareth Home affiliated with area hospitals?
  • Is Nazareth Home close to where I live?
  • Is Nazareth Home certified to provide Medicare and Medicaid coverage?
  • Does Nazareth Home have a formal way to monitor quality of care?
  • Does Nazareth Home offer all of the types of therapy I’ll need?
  • How is my treatment plan developed?
  • Is your facility centered on getting me home as quickly and safely as possible?
  • How much therapy will I be getting?
  • Does Nazareth Home make sure I’m ready to go home?
  • Does Nazareth Home have a physician present?
  • Are the nurses qualified to care for patients who need rehabilitation?
  • Are there enough nurses to provide high quality care to every patient?
  • Does the staff work as a team?
  • Who plans for the patient’s discharge and handles insurance questions?
  • What happens if the family needs instruction about how to care for the patient after discharge?
  • Is my family allowed to be a part of my therapy?
  • Does your facility offer any special programs or tools?
  • May I continue my recovery through outpatient services?

To learn more about Nazareth Home’s Recovery to Home program, Recovery To Home

To schedule a tour, please contact Nazareth Home at (502) 459-9681 or you may Schedule a Tour here.